Students Please collect the Diploma from the office and see in Diploma list





* Students advised to deposit their  Assignments  15 days before the Final Exam  .

  * All the students are advised to attend the classes daily

* Admission Open 2023 One Year Fees Rs.23600.00  

* On admission time 7600.00 Rs  And Monthly 1600.00 * 10 Months

 * Total 7600.00 + 16000.00 = 23600.00

Lumsum Payment 21240.00 


  SETC  : 6 months certificate is exempted from SETC

  • ♠    Result Declare of One Year Students  see  the result in Result Menu
  • ♣ Important :   Students whose exams held in any month  collect the SAMPLE PAPER from the office.
  • ♥ Passed out students please see the  Diploma  in the  Diploma List Menu
  • ♦  (Our Head Office Web Site )  See For SETC Test and Computer Operator Vacancy
  • ⇒ Important Notice :- Every Students are advised to attend the class daily . If his/her attendance will less than 85 % HARTRON will not allow him/her to sit in Examination.  Hartron Skill Centre will not  be responsible for that .
  •  ⇒ All The Students are advised to deposit the Fees up to 10th of every month  otherwise fine will be charged.


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